USPS Postage is going to increase dramatically.

The cost of mailing a single tape to Europe after Jan. 27th: $9.45 
a 7”: $12.75 
an LP: $18.70.

USPS Postage is going up on January 27th. While normal letter stamps are “only” going to increase to 46 cents, all services are going to increase way more. International postage is going to nearly double.

I’ve seen postage increase so many times in the decade I’ve been shipping records, but this is seriously out of control. This doesn’t just hurt cassette labels who barely stay afloat, it affects EVERYONE who ships or receives things in the mail, or whose products are. Any kind of small business you can think of. And it will keep increasing every few months just as it has for years. So take a moment and sign your name on this, you’re on the computer anyways and it takes two minutes.
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It’s kind of a pain in the butt to see the real numbers when it comes to the increases coming on January 27th. They’re on the USPS site here:, but you have to download and read several spreadsheets to see what the new prices are. And then you have to already be familiar with previous prices to see just how much things are going to change. But it’s drastic.

Here are some samples of the changes at the lower level:
1 oz First Class from USA to Australia/Europe/UK today: $3.00.
After Jan. 27: $6.55

3 oz First Class from USA to Australia/Europe/UK today: $4.56.
After Jan 27: $9.45

What are these prices going to be in 2014? 2015? 2020?

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    Doing a DIY record label in 2013 is difficult enough and this latest postage hike isn’t going to help
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